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5 ways to include Game of Thrones in your wedding

Winter has come and taken us all by a storm!

While everyone is very excited about the world of Westeros, some of us super fans let’s say love it more than the others. If you are one of those people and have a wedding coming up, here are a few ways you can incorporate Game of Thrones in your wedding.

1. Khalesi Costume! (Who doesn’t love a queen?)

What says grandeur more than a queen costume. We have seen some amazing dresses on our queen through the seasons, this is your chance to look like one on your best day. Pick a dress and style it how you want, it could be a Banarasi high collared coat over a lehenga skirt or anything else. Better still your bridesmaids can be the Missandei to your Khalesi.

2. Divide Your Houses (Stark or Targaryen)

Another brilliant way to incorporate game of thrones on your wedding is to chose the house you stand with and divide your guests based on that. You can customize the napkins and gift covers based on the house that the guests choose. Your guests will surely remember your wedding for a long time.

3. Get A Throne, or Maybe Two.

Trade your basic sofas for the bride and groom for thrones straight out of a game of thrones set. Set a statement for the world you are going to conquer as a married couple bonding on the best TV shows.

4. March-In to THE Tune

If you’ve watched game of thrones even once, then you know how catchy the intro tune is. Walk the long walk to the mandap with the intro tune as the background tune and say goodbye to the same old wedding march song we’ve heard way too many times.

5. Style Your Wedding Decor

This is another excellent but more obvious way to include Game of thrones in you wedding. Customize your wedding hall, your alter, your mandap to the theme. You could have a Weirwood tree, a Septor, the 7 gods all as decor in your wedding.

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