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Guide to the Best Pre-Wedding Photo-shoot

What is It?

A Pre-Wedding Photo-shoot acts as a medium for you and your photographer to understand one another. It is imperative for your photographer to truly understand your personalities so he/she can craft the perfect setting for your shoot.

What else? It also helps you and your partner to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. How else are you going to nail those candid?

We have listed down pointers to aid you in your quest to get the best !


You and your artist need to be in sync. It is crucial that you book a photographer who can bring out the best in you. The ability of the photographer to display your personality is key.

Carefully screen through the portfolios, you will have a strong idea of the type of photos you can expect from the photographer. You need to envision yourself in those works and see if you are compatible and only then should you move forward.

Trying to recreate someone else’s style onto yours is a very bad idea. You need to find what fits you the best and attempt to bring that out through the best wedding photographer in Kolkata.

The more information, the better!

The fine print should never be overlooked. Deciding on a photographer is a mammoth task on its own but it does not end there.

Always ask your questions, start with these:-

1) Whether the slot/date is available.

2) Run through the pre-wedding photography packages and the formalities to be looked over before booking the date.

3) Make sure you know everything about the Photo-shoot location and the times associated.

4) People forget this- The permissions involved for the venue.

5) Arrangements of conveyance for the photographer and their team.

6) Any wedding photography costs that be incurred.

After the paperwork, Peek at what the photographer has to say about his styling. Seek guidance regarding what to wear accordingly. Talk about the location and share what’s on your mind as well. It is very important for you to be in-tune regarding what the photographer plans on executing on your D-day.

The Arrangements

The looks! Go shopping, accessorize be at you’re A-game!

We have seen photo-shoots going in vain because the couple didn’t pack heavy. Of course new clothes are not a necessity but run your options down with your photographer and shop for new ones if suggested.

You can book the best of photographers, visit the best places but if your outfits don’t match the occasion, it will drag the show down.

Locale & Positioning

One of the key elements, is the pre-wedding shoot location. It has the ability to make you look larger than life. Although if you are camera shy, you may look for apt, secluded spots without all the attention and stares and you may do you thing. Make sure you take the permissions needed if you don’t have that issue and opt for exotic locations. Locations may also differ upon themes and may be shot in multiple sessions. Ask your photographer what the structure of the shoot is like.

In reality? Nothing is set in stone. Every professional wedding photographer in Kolkata has their own mantra and approach. Get in each other’s mind-frame before selecting on a location.

Be in the moment, Live free!

You have done everything mentioned above and its finally time to get in the shoot. What now? This is the most critical factor of your pre-wedding checklist. You need to let your inner colors flow. You need to set yourself free during the shoot for the photographer to truly capture the sentiments.

Once you are ready or when you feel you can be open to the camera, let your photographer take control. Trust him. Don’t get too conscious about how you are looking in the photos, try enjoying each other’s company and the entire process.

Remember, be professional. Just as you expect your photographer to be one, you need to reciprocate.

Don’t let other things impede into your shoot. Keep your phones away. Give the commitment what the photographer has asked of you. Be on time and trust his instincts when it comes to the shoot. Your photographer has a bundle of experience for this. It is one of the reasons why you have chosen him in the first place.

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